Legal Entity Identifier TEST File Download

This TEST file was provided to GFMA by DTCC and SWIFT, and is being made available here as a service to AFME, ASIFMA and SIFMA members, and the general public. 

The CICI Utility is now live and is providing daily updates for the entity database. 

To access the current files, please go to  

This TEST file is for testing purposes only and not for use in any actual transaction. This TEST file, created by DTCC, contains randomly-selected records pertaining to participants active in the financial markets and consists of 1) a provisional legal entity identifier patterned after the Draft ISO 17442 LEI Standard, and 2) the core data attributes prescribed by the ISO standard. The entities contained in this TEST file were chosen simply to give indicative information to financial services firms that will have reporting obligations under recently enacted and pending regulations.  This TEST file will assist financial services firms in their preparation to comply with this regulation as well as broader mandates from the G20 for improved transparency.

This TEST file is not exhaustive and represents a single snapshot of data attributes validated by Avox at the time the file was produced.  The entity record precisely reflects the publically-available legal name and address information.  The data may differ from what a firm uses in its internal client reference database depending on the source used by the firm to obtain the data. As a standalone TEST File, it is not being updated for accuracy on an on-going basis. The data in the TEST file is expected to not be pristine, but is illustrative.  It is intended to provide firms with an illustration of what a downloaded LEI file is expected to look like in the future.  The records were validated  and the provisional legal entity identifiers assigned by DTCC and SWIFT in line with the recommendations made for the operation of the LEI Utility by the global financial industry coalition (July 8, 2011).  No transaction or position information is contained in this file. Work continues to validate additional entities and updated versions will be made available periodically.

This TEST file should be used only for applications development planning. All other uses of this file shall be at your own risk.  Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to be legal advice. All questions related to the structure/schema of the TEST file should be directed to  

Changes between May and July test files

As we await the appointment of a CICI provider for CFTC Swaps reporting, we have issued another test file so that firms can continue their readiness planning and data mapping.

There are 2 major changes in this publication.

  1. Xml only files. We have generated the only file format that will be available in production - xml. There is no .txt file in this update as none will be published on the new portal website when we go live. These files also adopt the naming convention that will be employed in production, including the date/time stamp.
  2. Inclusion of a delta file. In production we will generate 2 files at the close of each day – one full file of the entire LEI database and a delta file of all changed and new LEI’s from the previous day. All test files to date have been full files only but in this release we have also provided an example of a delta file. This delta represents an update file for a single day selected at random, rather than all differences since the last May test file was issued.

Other changes to the file content include population of values that were previously defaulted such as legal forms & timestamps and greater use of different core attributes including:

  • Identification of some duplicates and use of all remaining record states
  • Certification and population of ultimate parent LEI in some records

LEIDailyFile_20120705T203426.xml is a FULL file of all provisional LEI’s issued to date. The number of published records has increased from 15128 to 24303 provisional LEI’s.

LEIDeltaFile_20120630T040004.xml is a recent DELTA file representing all changes and additions processed on June 30th 2012.

Click here to download the files By downloading the files, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions

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